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Steam Boiler
a) I.B.R Boiler

Our Bi-Drum Water Tube Boilers are the most effective solution for process heating and power generation. Our Boilers manufactured under I.B.R norms (Institute for Boiler & Radiators Manufacturers) are comes with ASME Certification.

Steam Boiler Features:

High Thermal Efficiency
* Bi-Drum, water tube, natural circulation, and membrane panel design ensures maximum heat transfer.
* Fine Control on fuel-air ratio.
* Quality design and selection of auxiliary equipments ensure highest operational efficiency.
* High pressure deep penetration secondary sir jets are strategically located in furnace walls, ensuring proper turbulence    and good mixing of volatiles with air and complete combustion in furnace.
* Pre welded membrane forms a gas tight enclosure preventing ingress of unwanted excess air.

High Quality Dry Steam
The highly efficient steam separating equipment within the steam drum prevents steam trap losses and ensures completely dry steam at the outlet thus saving on fuel cost.

Tall furnace for complete combustion
* Increased residence time to flue gases, allowing fuel to burn completely.
* Reduces emissions.

Membrane paneled furnace design
* No refractory required in furnace walls, hence no associated maintenance.
* Quicker boiler commissioning due to reduced site welding and simplified erection process.

Flexible Design offering a variety of options
* Multi furnace and Multi Fuel options. Apart from regular fuels such as Coal, Rice Husk and Bagasse, our Boiler can also burn alternate fuels like Lignite, Mustard Straw, Saw Dust, Wood Chips, Groundnut Shell, Spent Coffee, Cotton Stalk, Palm Fibre, Coconut Waste, Oil and Gas etc.

Capacities available 1 TPH and above.

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